1. almotahajiba:

    Abaya from Al Motahajiba

    Autumn Collection 2013

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  2. dearbassy:

    Friend sbj commissioned me one of the best things to ever happen—Powerpuff Girls inspired by Esther Quek.

    No joke, she gave me an entire zip file of Esther Quek photos. Bubbles and Buttercup’s outfits were directly pulled from specific outfits, while Blossom’s was pulled from different ones. 

    Featured are some of my favorite details and face shots of the girls sans sunglasses. 

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    Panda researchers in China wear panda costumes to give mother-like feeling to a lonely baby panda who lost her mother [x]

    without context it looks like some guy disguised himself as a panda so he could sneak into their panda community and now he’s making a quick getaway with the baby panda

    the radio series was better

    bluestockingcouture you’ve been found out!

    Dang it, now I need a new plan for my Edinburgh Panda Heist!

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  4. warnerarchive:

    Anita Ekberg perfects the goddess look in Back From Eternity (1956)

  5. I am a zombie today, as brutal insomnia only allowed me an hour of sleep last night. It still feels like yesterday, only elongated. In happier news, I finally found this lovely feather top on eBay. It’s an All Saints design that I’d been searching for. I don’t often wear prints but really like this one.

  6. superseventies:

    Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

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    Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as Adam and Eve in Only Lovers Left Alive (x)

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